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The global media landscape is changing rapidly, with news breaking everywhere, stories constantly shifting focus and location, and narratives evolving in record time.

This move towards a multipolar world has refocused the agenda - yet finding unique angles, some much-needed variety and diversity, and establishing critical details and essential context, has also become increasingly difficult.

Viory is dedicated to becoming the trusted source for vital news stories from the Global South region and BRICS countries, to represent their voices at an international level.

Our mission is to empower our clients to tell the full story, delivering them exclusive content.

From international conglomerates to regional outlets and individual citizen journalists, we provide all media professionals with unique materials - and the complete picture of global and regional affairs for their audience.

Viory works with a network of thousands of on-the-ground video journalists, sourcing footage from the moment a story breaks, and from the most hard-to-reach areas.

Our exclusive access means that we’re fast becoming the first - and often only - organisation to report on the biggest global stories.

We use bespoke, in-house products and systems we’ve designed specifically for news video gathered from any source, so clients can be confident the material is verified, no matter what the origin.

We also deploy advanced content production and delivery technologies to provide high-quality, verified news video instantaneously.

It’s all made possible thanks to our respected and dedicated news professionals, a pro-active, fast, fearless and flexible team with decades of experience, working together seamlessly to deliver for our clients time and time again.

At Viory, we know that the complete story is often a multifaceted one - and our goal is to make the vital elements available to all.


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